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GOI Finland Oy

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  • Helsingin Yrittäjät ry, Kanta-Helsingin Yrittäjät ry
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Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A
p. +358 50 567 5475
m. +358 50 555 3485
Suomen Yrittäjät ei vastaa yrityksen virheellisestä sijainnista Googlen tarjoamalla kartalla

We are a Helsinki based matchmaking and business development service provider for value-driven companies that want to go global. Our objective is to improve your potential for expansion and growth.

We have rolled up our sleeves to solve the lack of business networks for services or products with global appeal. You have tried a few of the existing systems but found them to be a bit bureaucratic. You are searching for a fast track solution.

Your business needs to remain competitive. You know that to grow beyond small home markets, your company must expand internationally. You could find your way around these barriers, but are stuck due to business culture and language differences in potential new markets.

In these tough economic times, growth will not come from doing more of the same. Look no further. In as little as four weeks, GOInternational Finland will help you make the leap to untapped markets.

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