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Broufoto Oy

  • Valokuvaustoiminta
  • Helsingin Yrittäjät ry, Helsingin Yrittäjät - Itä-Helsinki ry
  • Yrityksen koko: 1 työntekijä


Vanha Talvitie 10 D
p. +358405866688
m. +358405866688
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Broufoto Oy/Ltd photography studio is functional, stylish and has a warm atmosphere.

The space makes working there fun, efficient and creative. Our main focus is on fashion catalogue and advertising photography.

We gladly take care of any image retouching such as drafts, masking, profiling and any other required image editing.

The space

Our studio is on the ground floor and it includes sectional doors and overhead machinery allowing for the transport of large props into the space.

The studio area is 250 m2 and its height is a whopping 8m. The space is very comfortable and modern - 20 m2 has been reserved for a make-up area with hairdresser chairs and there is also a new kitchenette. Large windows bring in plenty of light. We have also paid attention to childrens' enjoyment while they are in the studio.

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